Bishop Ron Gibson call to Preachers of LA


Preachers of LA star, Bishop Ron Gibson sent a strong call to Preachers of LA and Preachers of all denominations to organize a Stop the Violence March in St. Louis!


Bishop Ron Gibson  took  to the airwaves to encourage Preachers of all denominations as well as his fellow Preachers of LA castmates to get together and travel to St. Louis with a focus of stopping the violence in our community stating that he is sick and tired of the racism and lack of media exposure dedicated to address this ongoing issue.

In light of new developments surrounding the case, it appears that the police department and media spin is going to be what it always is chile,

He was a troubled teen that was up to no good.  My question is why did it take the police department so many days to announce the officer, my bet is that they needed time to get the story together and build a case.

We have to stand together on this as a community.  We cannot allow the police department nor the media’s voice be louder than our own, not this time.

Thank God for smartphones and social media today as it  that will allow us to defend ourselves to a much wider audience that we would NOT have access to thru traditional media!

Two teens provided news media with a video she created on her smartphone as she describes the events surround and immediately following Michael Brown’s death.  It is this kind of information and coverage that we need to make sure we retweet, share and everything in between.  The more each of us keeps this message in the limelight the more pressure we put on the powers that be that these senseless types of  police brutality must end!  Check it out below: