Preachers of L.A.: Loretta holds her own with First Ladies


preachers-of-l.a.-loretta-noel-jones Loretta appears to be the star of First Ladies on Preachers of L.A. and she is not even a First Lady!

Preachers of L.A. Episode 3 Recap

Myesha decides to throw a Tea Party inviting her First Lady friends, the only problem was inviting Loretta could pose a problem because she was not a First Lady. This who scenario was so indicative of how many women in the church world act.
So what if a pastor is not married to the woman he is dating, they are dating and she will travel in the same circles as the Pastor so why not invite her to the event.
Well if you watched the show you can’t say that Bishop Noel Jones did not warn Loretta, he told her she was going to be the victim and they were going to ask her too many questions.

Loretta, however held her own especially with Lady LeVette when Levette warned her not to wait too long to get Noel Jones to marry her. Loretta responded “Who says I am waiting” She let it be known that she was happy with Loretta and happy with Noel and that she would be happier if they were married she is ok with their relationship right now.
In other words, she did in a polite way exactly what Noel Jones told her to do with the marvelous first ladies. In a real prim and proper way she told LeVette to mind her own business!

My Highs of Preachers of L.A. Episode 3

My high  of the show this week was watching Bishop Ron Gibson minister to two old school gang members. On a shoe shopping trip he ministered to them in a way that they could understand, powerful. In his interview, Bishop Gibson noted:

“You can’t take a person out of the hood, but you can take the hood out of a person”

Another highlight for me was Pastor Jay ministering to a woman on the street and offering her the prayer of salvation. These two men have consistently showed throught the episodes to be using this show to expand their ministries and nothing else.

My Low:

Deitrick Haddon:

Deitrick is sooo over the top, even in his preaching he appears to be a performer. I just have not seen any ministry in him since the show started. I get that he is trying to portray ministry in a new age but but where is it? He is always talking to the older Pastors about what they are doing wrong, but what are you doing right or different Deitrick, bring on the ministry leave the theatrics for the stage.
In case you missed the show this week, you can watch it in its entirety here: