A Preachers of L.A. being sued


Preachers of L.A. being sued, claims Bishop Clarence McClendon cut  his long term partner out of the deal (smh)

Preachers of L.A. and Oxygen Network being sued by a former colleague of Clarence E. McClendon who is alleging she gave Clarence the idea for the show and once he hooked up with a former Oprah Winfrey Network executive, Rod Aissa, McClendon cut her out of the deal.

According to the complaint, Anna Giuffrieda, who had allegedly had a 20 year professional relationship with Bisho McClendon by serving as both a segment director for a television series called “Harvest Fire” and a series director for “Take it by Force” both which she produced and McClendon also starred in. firmly believes that the two stole her idea thus is suing the both of them and Oxygen for

The lawsuit includes  allegations of breach of confidence, breach of contract, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage and unfair business practices. Giuffrida also alleges that McClendon put his interest ahead of hers.

Noting  that in 2011 Giuffrida developed a reality television series featuring McClendon as an “urban African-American mega-pastor” in Los Angeles who provides the television audience with a forthright look into all sides of his life, not only his ministry but also his personal life.

The lawsuit states that from July 2011 through March 2013, Giuffrida “mined her many contacts in the entertainment industry to shop the series to various networks, resulting in two in-person pitch meetings, which she and McClendon attended together. In August 2011, they met with the senior creative team of the Oprah Winfrey Network, which included representatives of Aissa, the suit contends

“In March 2013, while Giuffrida was following up with OWN, she learned for the first time that McClendon and Aissa, now the senior vice president of original programming and sevelopment for Oxygen, had secretly negotiated for a similar network series, “Preachers of L.A.,’’ according to the lawsuit. “Giuffrida knew nothing of defendants’ undisclosed negotiations and subsequent deal,” the suit states.

Allegedly when confronted Bishop McClendon claimed  is not entitled to her share of the profits and proper attribution from the exploitation of the series because there was no written agreement for the parties’ joint venture,” according to the lawsuit.

This is really shady Bishop!



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