The Church Lady’s Take On Preachers of Atlanta

preachers of atlanta

After watching the premiere of Preachers of Atlanta, I have to say that I am impressed by the creative ways these ministers are trying to reach the unchurched. Now it is definitely not your traditional and probably some of the most unorthodox measures I have seen to draw people to Christ, but in today’s world, maybe we need some unorthodox ways to reach people.

I think this show is definitely the ratchet branch of the Preachers Franchise, it just may become the most popular because they are reaching a special niche audience that the traditional church is failing the hip-hop culture.

Leandria Johnson, remember is a performer, so while I cannot question her calling, her actions speak volumes!  What I think is the one person that I don’t feel as being as authentic to her ministry as she is to her celebrity. Passing out cigarettes after being obedient to God to do so, Chile Pleeze!

Many Pastors and folks working in the church are condemning the show but I wanted to look beyond  the protocol and politics surrounding church polity and I found the show to be refreshing and can appreciate pastors such as pastor Corey Hambrick who works a full-time job as a detective and is yet obedient to his calling as a minister of Christ.  I think before we turn up our noses we should open our minds and take note to how they are reaching an audience that clearly others in ministry are not, who knows, with all their theatrics, others working in ministry may learn something.

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