‘Power’ Recap Episode 4: WTF?!

In episode 4, “We’re In This Together,” so much and so many are spiraling out of control and the expression “WTF” seems to roll off the tips of everyone’s tongue. And rightfully so.

James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) remains uncomfortably behind bars continuing to deal with the wrath of Marshal Williams, (Charlie Murphy) who is absolutely not a fan of “cop killers.” He’s hell-bent on showing Ghost how these types of inmates get handled in his prison, and even caused the death of one inmate, after an incident in the weight room took a turn for the worse.

Ghost realizes that he’s at risk of facing the same type of “accident” if one of them doesn’t leave that jail soon. Since his release date is still up in the air, he tells Joe Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) to look into the incident of the inmate who died in the weight room on Williams’ watch. He does so, and with that information, he’s able to put in a request to have Williams transferred.

Proctor has been doing one hell of a job for St. Patrick’s defense case. First, with the help of his new second chair, attorney Terry Silver (Brandon Victor Dixon), he was able to get the prosecution’s DNA evidence against St. Patrick dismissed.

In episode 4, he triumphs again and is able to get the gun dismissed from evidence after a brutal, yet, brilliant line of questioning of SAC Jerry Donovan (Ty Jones) goes sour. Proctor is able to implicate Donovan as the FBI mole and as the insider who plants the gun in St. Patrick’s office (even though we all know it wasn’t him) since he was the agent who found it. The implication provokes Donovan to completely lose his temper on the stand, igniting a ridiculous rant that includes too many curse words to count.

But Proctor isn’t the only attorney with some tricks up his sleeve. AUSA agent Angela Valdes (Lela Loren) is trying her best to get to Tasha (Naturi Naughton) to testify against Jamie. Valdes tells Tasha that the deal offered to Jamie would’ve protected she and the kids but, he turned it down because he’s only thinking of himself.

After trying to get all in her head, Valdes then offers Tasha her own side deal but, all it does is prompt her to visit Ghost in jail to make it clear that going forward, no decisions will be made without her knowledge – they’re in this together.

Valdes and her team of prosecutors also manage to freeze all of Ghost’s assets which sets off a chain of WTF moments for everyone. Tasha has no access to the funds in the accounts and is now bouncing tuition checks at the kids’ school.

Keisha (La La Anthony) is locked out of her own hair salon after it’s seized by the FBI. And Dre (Rotimi), Julio (J.R. Ramirez) and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) now have a big problem on their hands after the FBI  shuts down Truth and they can no longer push their product through the venue.

Dre now has to figure out how he’s going to continue paying Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) without the money from the drug/bottle service setup in the club. Tommy has to come up with another plan to somehow keep the product moving without the club, because neither Kanan nor the Chicago drug dealers care about what’s happening with Truth – not their problem, they just want their money.

But the biggest doozy, and WTF trick played by the prosecution is successfully having Proctor removed as Ghost’s lawyer. St.  Yep, he’s done! Jon Mak (Sung Kang, Agent Saxe (Shane Johnson) Mike Sandoval (David Fumero) and Valdes find out that Proctor  has also represented Tommy in the past and has since been seen conversing with him while representing St. Patrick.

That conduct creates a clear conflict of interest leaving the judge no choice but to remove Proctor from the case, effective immediately, leaving Silver as St. Patrick’s sole attorney and only hope of getting out of jail. WTF?!

Proctor could potentially face suspension, or worse, be disbarred. But, that’s the least of his troubles now. He could also be facing his own federal charge as an accessory after the fact in a murder case after Tommy kills Bailey Markham (Lee Tergesen) right in front of Proctor.

Markham contacts Proctor to tell him he has some evidence against Tommy that could potentially link back to St. Patrick. Proctor agrees to meet with Markham to see what type of evidence he has but, makes the mistake of telling Tommy about it, who then, unbeknownst to Markham, invites himself to join in on the meeting.

They meet at Proctor’s home where Markham plays a recording of Tommy and St. Patrick speaking about the murder of Felipe Lobos (Enrique Murciano) but St. Patrick’s name is never mentioned. He then plays a second recording of Tommy killing Ruiz (Luis Antonio Ramos) – and that’s when all hell breaks loose. Proctor and Tommy are definitely now in a world of trouble together and Proctor agrees to handle the clean up and removal of Markham’s body.

Tommy may also have a deeper connection to Tony Teresi (William Sadler) than we know of and it could all soon come out after an interesting visit to Teresi’s home. After Tommy drops off the blackmail cash and leaves, Teresi speaks with his associated Sammy (Bill Sage) who confirms the cash drop-off. They also mysteriously confirm that Tommy is who they think he is – but who exactly is he to them?

But  Tommy won’t be going back to the Teresi home any time soon because Ghost shut that down. After finding out that Teresi murdered a very prominent man whose family is still seeking revenge on whoever killed him Ghost uses the information against him. In an effort to keep his wife out of harm’s way, Teresi agrees to end the blackmail.

And though Proctor is off the case now, he makes a drunken, unplanned visit to Angela’s apartment procliaming James’ innocence. That starts Angela doing some research of her own. When she reviews the surveillance tapes of James’ office Truth the night of the murder, she sees that he never did hide the gun; and her wheels start turning. He’s actually innocent (of this crime.)

Meanwhile, Tariq (Michael Rainey, Jr.) continues on a downward spiral under Kanan’s wicked guidance. In his spare time, in between dropping F-bombs when speaking to his sister, drinking “lean” and setting up his friends to be robbed – (how does one steal a big flat screen TV in broad daylight while someone is actually in the house?…WTF), he’s found the time to lose his virginity to some random girl he met while hanging out with Kanan, aka “Slim.”

Kill List: 1. Kanan 2. Dre 3. Tariq 4. Julio

Quotable: “I told him, I said you have a choice…you have to choose her or your own life, and that stupid MF chose you.” – Joe Proctor

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