Porsha Williams Is Ready For The Drama In Season 10 Of ‘RHOA’

Porsha Williams Is Ready For The Drama

Porsha Williams is ready to get back to business in season 10 of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

She’s returning in season 10 after a crazy ninth season that resulted in Phaedra Parks getting the boot from the show. It was revealed that Parks was the source of all rumors about Kandi Burruss attempting to take sexual advantage of Porsha during their season 9 reunion.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment News Williams expresses a new hope in coming back to the show. “You know, when you come back, you’re hopeful that everybody is over the drama and ready to start fresh,” she said. She continued, “Some people are ready to do that, some aren’t. You just gotta come back in with an attitude of being ready to move.”

But Williams was quick to explain the importance of her own personal truths in coming back to the show. “I just came back to the truth, came back to the group with my truth, and honestly the spirit of moving on…”

Though she hasn’t talked with Parks about their issues, Williams looks forward to reconnecting and getting over the issue together saying, “I’m a very forgiving person.”

“This season, I would say the theme would be frenemies,” expressed Williams. She’s referring to her non-existent friendship with co-star NeNe Leakes.

“For me, there was some unfinished business about some things that had been said in the press that I thought we needed to deal with,” explains Williams. “Then, on her part, she was pretty much minding her own business that she really wasn’t involved in when she got back because she wasn’t there for two years. So, it just kinda, like, exploded.”

This new season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta seems to be brewing some a lot of drama ahead of its première date November 5, 2017.

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(Source: Entertainment News)

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