Police Called On A Black Woman For Visiting Her Neighborhood Pool

Police Called On A Black Woman For Visiting Her Neighborhood Pool

Buzzfeed reported that a black woman named, Jasmine Edwards, and her baby were spending their 4th of July swimming at the neighborhood pool when police were called on them.


A white man decided that Jasmine Edwards and her son didn’t look like they belonged in the neighborhood; so he asked for her to verify her address and provide ID.

Jasmine Edwards uploaded a video of the confrontation recently on her Facebook page with the caption, “this is a classic case of racial profiling in my half a million $$ neighborhood pool. This happened to me and my baby today.”

In the video, Edwards said that “nobody else was asked for their ID. I feel this is racial profiling; I am the only black person here with my son.”

The man, who was later identified by the Glenridge Homeowners Association as Adam Bloom, responded: “I ask residents pretty much a couple times a week.”

One of the officers handled the situation by telling Bloom that if Edwards “has a card to get into the pool I believe that should be enough.” The officer then took Edwards’ pool card and showed Bloom that it unlocked the pool.

Officers apologized to Edwards for the altercation, but Adam Bloom refused. ( I am not surprised, are you?) He is now known on social media as #IDAdam.

This incident is one of many recently in which allegedly white people are calling the police on people of color for doing everyday things. (remember TreVon)