Pimps in the Pulpit: Warning Messages

Pimps in the Pulpit: Warning MessagesSpecial thanks and shout out to my friend Melvin Jones for this Warning Message about being pimped from the pulpit:

“But Melvin! But Melvin!” you say. “How do I know if my pastor is pimping me??”

I’m glad you ask, young man. It’s been almost four years since I put the list out and perhaps is should be given to a new set of sheeple so they too can at least attempt to escape the jaws of the wolves both Peter and Paul warned are walking about, devouring whom they may. Again, a tip of the hat to Keith Tolbert in Atlanta.

And given the spike in Drive By Commenters and their use of most of the more common Knee Jerk Reactions, it is perhaps time to repost “You Might Be getting Pimped If” article.

While they aren’t fool proof, there are certain indicators that make it very likely you are being pimped. If you have the nerve, consider the following:

1. If you are waiting at the bus stop on the way to church on Sunday morning and your pastor drives by blasting “Money Comin’” in his Rolls-Royce Phantom . . . you might be gettin’ pimped!

2. If it’s easier to get in to see the President of the United States than it is to see your pastor…you might be gettin’ pimped!

3. If the pastor’s armor bearers have better weapons and communications equipment than the Secret Service…you might be gettin’ pimped!

4. If your pastor is on a first name basis with more celebrities than he is with people in the congregation…you might be gettin’ pimped!

5. If your pastor spends more in restaurants than you spend for groceries for your family of four…you might be gettin’ pimped!

6. If your pastor’s garage has more floor space and is better heated than your apartment…you might be gettin’ pimped!

7. If your pastor’s house can be seen from space with the naked eye…you might be gettin’ pimped!

8. If you pastor owns more property than Donald Trump…you might be gettin’ pimped!

9. If your pastor’s “ministry” has him constantly shuttling between Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe in the “ministry’s” business jet…you might be gettin’ pimped!

10. If your pastor’s address book reads more like the “Who’s Who” of the local political party…you might be gettin’ pimped!

11. If one of your pastor’s cars cost more than your house…you might be gettin’ pimped!

12. If your pastor owns more cars than there are days of the week…you might be gettin’ pimped!

13. If one of your pastor’s suits costs more than the total your family spends on clothing for the year…you might be gettin’ pimped!

14. If your pastor has given his children cars that you have only dreamed of…you might be gettin’ pimped!

15. If your love offering equals your car note and your breakthrough still hasn’t come . . . you might be gettin’ pimped!

16. If you suddenly get the feeling that you’ve heard your bishop’s sermon preached somewhere else before . . . you might be gettin’ pimped!

17. If your pastor’s love offering is larger than the gross national product of the average third world country…you might be gettin’ pimped!

18. And finally, if the sermons spends more time covering the Law of Prosperity than the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus…you might be gettin’ pimped

Source: Melvin Jones