The church Lady Take on Pastor with AIDS sleeping with Members


Lawd have mericy I have a lot to say about this Pastor with AIDS sleeping with members story, here is my Take On it:

I  posted an article relating to the confession of Juan McFarand,  an Alabama Pastor with AIDS sleeping with members of his church and his refusal to step down after the church voted to oust him.   After reading the article one could easily come to the conclusion  that Pastor Juan McFarland could easily have led a double life.  One that appeared to be loving kind shepherd of his flock and another life that has all the signs of displaying  self destructive and narcissistic behaviour.

I say narcistic because I believe only a person with such traits  would have the guts enough to walk into a pulpit one week after being fired conduct a full sermon with  total disregard of the church’s request for his resignation.  The bigger question becomes, How and the world would a church allow its former pastor the ability to even get through the front door,  let a lone step into the pulpit, re main and preach ???

I began reflecting on my experiences  working within the African-American-faith based community for more than 20 years  and realized that,  yes,  it is not uncommon  in the baptist church for a Pastor to ignore disciplinary action warnings  or requests for resignation if he has the right people in place.   How can this happen  you ask? it’s called stacking the boards.  If a Pastor in a Baptist Church has his Board stacked right,  he can in my  Shonda Rhimes mindset “GER AWAY WITH EVERYTHING EXCEPT MURDER”

And what  is exactly the stack?  I can only speak from my experiences withe in the Baptist Church stacking is referred to maintaining  the majority of the voters  on the deacon and trustee board and in some cases,  an executive board.  All the Pastor has to do in order to “Get AWAY WITH  EVERTHING EXCEPT MURDER” is make sure that he/she always has enough votes stacked on the boards to always vote in his/her  favor. And even when the vote doesn’t always go in his/her favor, they have people stacked on one or both boards who can still make things happen.  As in what appears, from the outside looking in,  to be happening at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church and Pastor Juan McFarland.

Now it is not always as easy as it looks for a Pastor to keep a stack happy.  Pastors must constantly stroke their stacked members heads. He/she must accept  the stacked members phone calls/meeting requests, and any other concerns or suggestions they may have.  Most important, the Pastor must constantly make these persons feel like they are part of his/her  inner most circle and therefore will require their utmost loyalty and confidentiality in return. If he/she  can get them to believe this and make them feel empowered , he/she  can get them to do and say  anything on his/her behalf.

From  what I have witnessed, many times these men and women don’t even realize what is happening to them. In  the beginning of their journey of being in the Pastors circle,  they are honored and feel blessed by God to be chosen to work in such a capacity on behalf of Pastor and the church.  Then when they start to witness thier misuse of funds,  sexual infidelities and/or any other  abuse of power, they cannot bring themselves to speak about it because after all they are in his/her inner circle and don’t want to be represented as the “Peter” in the bunch.  Further many leaders don’t want to lose their perceived power that their beloved  pastor has bestowed upon them, they don’t want to have to worry about finding a place to park, sitting on the back pew, not  being invited to break bread with the Pastor and most imporant,  having  access to  inside information on what’s really going on in the church.

You see being in the Pastor’s circle enables people to “feel like somebody” sitting in the best seats in the douse during church services,  getting invited to dine with the Pastor exclusively, not having to worry about a  good church parking space and being envied by other church members (Let’s keep it real y’all know I’m telling the truth) .  Many feel trapped when they realize they have a false prophet in the house  but they know that If they speak bad about this or that, they will lose all of their inner circle privileges.

Finally,  it is very difficult for those of us who grew up in the black Baptist church to speak ill of our pastor publicly ,  being forewarned by our   by our big mama, great aunties  and Sunday School Teacher making references that great illness would fall back on us  if we ever spoke ill or wished a pastor any harm in any way, always referring to the scripture, “Touch Not my Anoiting,” that I have also written about, check that one out here.

So my take on Juan McFarland admitting to having AIDS sleeping with members among other things including misusing funds and still preaching in the pulpit after being fired is this.

While you get an A for firing the Pastor you get an F for not handling the Board. For it was the Leadership Board who allowed Pastor Juan McFarland to GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING EXCEPT MURDER” and it is his Leadership Board who is still enabling him to use God’s house as his den for adoration, and self-gratification.

Now I believe I read somewhere that they are going to have to go to court to have Rev. Juan McFarland removed from the church, I never heard of such in a Baptist church. This case is starting to remind me of the problems the poor members of Jericho City of Praise are dealng with

if the  people voted him out and the Board wanted him out, trust me Juan McFarland would be out,  cause that’s how the black church rolls, point, blank and period!


Wake UP!