Pastor JoeNell Summerfield RIP

Jonell summerfield

Jonell summerfield

RIP Pastor JoNell Summerfield

Pastor JoeNell Summerfield  body lay in a metallic grey coffin just underneath the podium at Word of God Fellowship Church and Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina, as her children prepared to say a few words about her life in a funeral on Monday.

Previously, popular megachurch pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes who presided over the service had actually reminded the church that they existed to celebrate JoeNell Summerfield’s life.

“We have actually come not to mourn however to celebrate. We have actually come to celebrate the life and the legacy of this remarkable woman of God, Pastor JoeNell Summerfield,” Jakes stated as he encouraged the congregation to clap.

When it was her four children’s turn to speak, however, it was Pastor JoeNell Summerfield’s youngest kid, Joshua Summerfield, who advised them all that though he understood they were expected to be commemorating, the year had actually been a “distressing” one for his family and the church and he simply wanted to be “human” for a minute.

His mother died on Sept. 9 at the age of 61 after fighting an unspecified illness for numerous months. Her death came just two months after his daddy, Bishop Frank Summerfield, the founder of Word of God Fellowship Church and Academy, likewise died of an undefined health problem at the age of 67.

“To be honest with you I actually don’t feel particularly like speaking because of the fact that this whole year, if I can be sincere, if I can be human, has actually been really terrible,” said Joshua throughout a live broadcast of the memorial service.


Joshua Summerfield

Joshua Summerfield, the youngest child of late pastors JoeNell and Frank Summerfield of Word of God Fellowship Church and Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina, speaks about his moms and dads at a funeral for his mom on Monday, September 18, 2017. His brother or sisters and other relative stand around him. Nevertheless, he discussed, the family was “standing strong” because of the Holy Spirit.

“I would say that we’re standing strong, tall and we’re gon na continue to do the same thing because I believe that the way our parents taught us in the ministry, as leaders we need to stand strong, tall so that the flock can continue to do the very same,” he stated.

JoeNell Summerfield raised four kids with her spouse and all of them are in ministry. Frank Summerfield Jr. is an elder and minister of music. Mitchell Summerfield is a senior and the COO of the church. Their sis, Valisha S. Fowles, is personnels and payroll director and elder, while Joshua is the church’s youth minister.

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