Bishop Charles Blake Strikes Back!


Bishop Charles Blake, presiding bishop of Church of God in Christ, (COGIC) has had enough of Pastor Earl Carter, the anti Gay Pastor that caused such a storm late last year when Thousands of the Pentecostal faith’s leaders were stunned when Carter viciously attacked gays at the church’s annual meeting — called the Holy Convocation — in 2014.

‘I wish – if you really want to be a woman – you should get the whole package,’ Carter ranted at the meeting in St. Louis. ‘Meaning a woman’s monthly bleeding from your butt.’

The COGIC church preaches against homosexuality, but many were appalled by the actions of Earl Carter and after such harsh media backlash when the video went viral, Bishop Charles Blake was forced to publicly apologize on behalf of the church which led Earl Carter believe that Bishop Blake “Threw him under the Bus!”

Pastor Earl Carter has been relentless with is claims since the incident allegedly publicly stating that Blake regularly goes to South Africa ‘because little boys are accessible and you can’t go to jail. They won’t charge you.’ Blake is president of the Pan African Children’s Fund which helps children with AIDS on the continent

‘Why is he going over there? To lay with those little boys, all right?’ Carter said in one video. ‘He’s part of the gay manifesto.’

He even claimed Bishop Henry Ford, a former COGIC presiding bishop, who died in 1995, referred to Blake as ‘Charlene.’

Carter also alleged that basketball great Magic Johnson – a member of Blake’s LA church – gave Blake $20 million for the apology. Johnson’s son EJ, who appears on the E! reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, is gay, and Carter linked that fact to his claim that Johnson paid the bishop off.

In a YouTube video posted in September, Carter said of Blake: ‘He used the power of his office to bring destruction to my ministry in the Church of God in Christ. Now I’ve been teaching in the Church of God in Christ for 46 years. That’s how I make my living.

‘He wants my family to starve to death,’ added Carter, who was given one day in jail in 1995 after pleading down a third-degree felony charge of aggravated assault with intent to kill. ‘The man is diabolical. He is ungodly.’

In the recent convocation held in November 2015, Pastor Carter arrived and was actually kicked off the premises:

Tens of thousands of people have now seen Pastor Earl Carters videos making these allegations on Bishop Charles Blake even threatening him to sue him.

Well The Bishop has had enough, chile:

“‘Mr. Carter’s misconduct is extreme, outrageous, and beyond all bounds of decency,’ Blake said in newly filed court papers.

Blake, who President Obama appointed to the White House Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, is suing Carter asking for $75,000 along with an order to stop his crusade against him.

This is just one hot mess!