Black Church News: Pastor arrested for selling Coke (smh)


All I can do is shake my head to this black church news story chile, A Florida news station reported the police arrested a pastor for selling cocaine, can you believe that!

As reported by Fox30jax:
JACKSONVILLE, Fla.– They’re details that have some people shocked. An incident many say should have never happened.
“It’s discouraging. I find that is a person of trust. We count on that and he’s taken that away,” Mike Stinton said.

Stinton works next door to Power of Faith Church where Elliot Lawson pastors. According to police, a big mistake led to Lawson’s arrest.

During the wee hours, he drove past the Wyndham Hotel on Prudential twice, then stopped the car in the parking lot. He and a woman got out and walked towards the river.

When police went over to investigate the car, they saw a bag of cocaine on the console. According to the police report, when they confronted Lawson, he admitted it was his, and also produced three more bags of coke, hydrocone pills and marijuana.

Officers arrested Lawson on three charges, who were in an unmarked van– used to deter crime.

Stinton says at this point, he realizes no one is above falling from grace.

“Seems to be the kind of thing that happens in the news anyway.”

Lawson was released from jail on his own recognizance.