Another Pastor Booted Out!

It appears another church pastor is getting booted from the pulpit!

Members of New Galilean Baptist Church in Jackson. MS. appear to be fighting mad over the termination of pastor, Orlando D. Franklin III.

It was reported that Pastor Franklin was voted in after the previous pastor passed away, noting only 147 members voted him in yet more than 400 voted him out.

Things got so heated over the divided membership that police had to be called during what was suppose to be a Sunday morning worship service.

The fight is over, finances, of course!

One member said, “This man was money hungry. He was after money. He came in spending ridiculously. He was a manipulator and cunning.”

The church board voted to terminate Pastor Franklin in a meeting on Saturday but not every member was behind that decision. One member said, “I don’t want him to go. If he leaves, I’m leaving. She said she has been attending New Galilean since she was eight years old and that some in the congregation are spreading rumors and lies about what the pastor does with the church’s finances. She continued, “He is a godly man and he’s doing nothing wrong. I wish people would stop.”

The pastor was escorted out of the church on Sunday and the board says he won’t be back but others who support the pastor say they aren’t backing down.