Pastor Antonio Armstrong Killed by Son

The Christian Post reported that pastor Antonio Armstrong who was a former Texas A&M and Miami Dolphins linebacker and his wife Dawn was killed by their 16-year-old son, AJ in their home. The Armstrongs had three children, the youngest daughter was also in the home at the time of the murders.

According to the report, the Armstrong’s were very active in the community and their church, both Antonio and his wife Dawn were both members of the church’s marriage ministry.

Antonio served as Assistant pastor The Spirit and Life Kingdom Center Church in southwest Houston, by which his mother Pastor Kay Shorter serves as pastor.

While his mother is grieving she had enough strength to enter into her church and preach on Sunday morning.

“Don’t believe the lie that this is the will of God,” Shorter told the congregation, according to the Houston Chronicle. “God doesn’t take life. He gives life.” She added that she had made “the decision to bless the Lord … when there’s good news … (and when) tears are running down my face.”

She continued, “I’m blessing Him for the life of my son, my firstborn. I’m blessing Him for life today; I’m blessing Him for the opportunity to carry that child, to give birth to that child, to raise that child. I’m blessing Him for the impact that child had on other people’s lives.”

Shorter said she doesn’t know why her son and daughter-in-law were killed.

After the service, Shorter said she never thought of taking Sunday off. “I had to come,” she was quoted as saying. “Antonio would have said to me, ‘Momma, are you coming to church today?'”

She explained she had “gotten so much strength and encouragement just from being here today, that’s what I was looking for… just the people standing there, the spiritual experience, it’s what the Lord does in you and through you.”

We just got to stay in constant prayer for young men today, it appears they just have absolutely NO respect for life, not even their own parents, (SMH)