Omarosa Suspiciously ‘Saved’ From First ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Challenge

Omarosa Suspiciously ‘Saved’ From First ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Challenge

In a move that was immediately side-eyed on social media, Omarosa Manigault managed to escape the first challenge of her “Celebrity Big Brother” run during Wednesday night’s premiere.

Contestants had to pick a star, one of which allowed the chooser to sit out the first challenge in safety. Guess who just so happened to pick the right star?

Twitter immediately accused producers of manipulating the outcome to ensure that their most popular celeb in the house didn’t get eliminated right off the bat.

In her character intro for the new season, Omarosa called herself a “reality TV legend” as images flashed on the screen of her on season one of “The Apprentice” and interacting with Donald Trump.

“The one thing that I learned from politics is you have to watch your back, and sometimes you have to watch your front too,” she confessed, alongside photos of her with Kellyanne Conway and other members of the Trump administration. She added that after the year she had, she’s “looking forward to being away from cable news and social media” while on the show.

Upon arrival in the Big Brother house, many of the contestants were taken aback by her presence and made side comments about her year in Washington, D.C.

“There’s a lot of people who want to stab me in the back, similar to the White House,” said Manigault during her solo interview.

Manigault, a longtime Trump employee, served as the director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison in his administration until her “resignation” was announced in December. She was forcibly removed from White House grounds at the time, with Manigault claiming she had resigned and the administration saying she had been fired. She also served as director of African American outreach during Trump’s presidential campaign.

Watch the full premiere episode of “Celebrity Big Brother” below.



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