Nothing like Church Gossip: AKA Street Committee

The African American Church and its Pastors are world renown for delivering church-gossip faster than lightning. During my tenure working in the African American Church, I have literally heard and watched a mere mention of someone not feeling well on a Friday afternoon, to  receiving  voice mail messages on Monday mornings stating ,  “I  heard that Sister Sally Sue died last Saturday night in her sleep, is it true?”

Why Church family, Why?

Now don’t get me wrong I get some of my best intel from the church gossipers but my issue with those playing the church gossip  game is that  they can never get the story right.  And further, why is that they have to always add a little more gravy to the meat that we thought was already juicy? The Church Lady’s terminology for the people who like to get on the phone via conference calls on Sunday evenings and go over all the church gossip for the week is:  The Street Committee, go ahead and laugh you know that you are member!

I’ll tell you what, you share your street committee meetings with me and I’ll share mine with you each week,  that way we can get the gossip on Everybody’s church whether it’s true or not is not our concern, or is it?

Until next time, be blessed and keep your ear to the phone and the church office door!