Will Bishop Noel Jones Retire from the Pulpit?


noel jones pulpitWhile conducting an interview with TheJasmineBrand.com, Bishop Noel Jones spoke again of his reasoning for participating on Oxygen hit show, “Preachers of L.A.” and made mention of possible retirement, check out EUR WEB story below:

“Because it’s always the right time to think of something that you’re going to have to prepare for. It’s retirement – it’s something that’s going to come naturally, it’s going to evolve, it’s going to morph; so its something you give thought to. The Greek word to “provide” is to think beforehand. And ultimately, I would have to walk away from a pulpit – I certainly don’t wanna die with my command. But in order to do that, I have to make plans.”

On whether he asked anyone for advice on doing “Preachers of L.A.” before signing on:

“Well, I called a couple of my friends and I got different opinions – some said ‘Yes,’ some said ‘No.’ My best friend said when he heard I was doing this – because I didn’t call him – but when he heard I was doing this, he said that he swallowed his tongue.”

Why he ultimately decided to be featured on the show:

“The reason why I’m doing this show is because I want to deflate the iconoclastic dispositions that we have towards men and women who are in ministry or who are in any position where we want to look up to them. Because at the end of the day, everybody’s flawed. And I tell my friends, ‘I’m too flawed to be flashy’ so I try to stay as far out from the limelight as I can. It’s just that – and the truth is that I’m good at what I do. So if I wasn’t good at what I do, I wouldn’t be in demand. And because I’m in demand, I’m in the limelight. And because I’m in the limelight, it comes on, on the good and the bad – but we don’t want to embrace that. We want to give the impression that there’s nothing on – we don’t have a dark side. But everybody’s got a dark side, of course, [they] won’t agree with me, but everybody’s got a dark side.”

The Church Lady’s  Take:  I applaude Bishop Noel Jones transparency, so many Pastors are faking it so they can make it. (Litterally)