Noel Jones (sorta kind of) responds to colleagues crticisms of Preachers of L.A.


Noel Jones hits Bishops and Pastors where it hurts in his response to their crticisms of his hit reality show, Preachers of L.A.  The Bishop reminded his colleagues through educating James fortune’s radio audience that pastors  did not always Not take salaries from their church and it was because of the seed offerings of their members that many are successful in their own ventures today (Bam!)


Bishop Noel jones said recently on a radio interview with James Fortune that  he would not publicly speak against his collegaues in ministry who have come out negatively against his hit reality tv, Preachers of L.A.  however,  he did want to let the audience know and remind preachers that while they don’t take saleries now from their churches or say that they acquired their fortunes on their own is not quite true as it started as a seed offering from their church.

While he was careful not to metion names during the interview, it makes one wonder if, in his own way, he was responding to statments made by Bishop T.D. Jakes recently. Listen for yourself and tell me what you think chile:


It appears that Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta story lines are the most popular among viewers of the show.

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