Nick Gordon’s Girlfriend Defends Him On Abuse Charges

Nick Gordon’s Girlfriend Defends Him On Abuse Charges

The Blast first reported, one of the conditions of Gordon’s bond was that he was not allowed to contact his girlfriend. But in a letter written on Wednesday and filed with the court in Seminole County, Florida, Leal writes:

“I would like to kindly ask you to lift the no-contact order that was placed against Nicholas Gordon and I. I am not in any kind of fear or danger being around him and would like to be able to contact him as soon as possible.”

Leal states that her lip was not actually bleeding when cops photographed her on the night she claims Gordon assaulted her, rather “in reality my lips were chapped and dry. It was in no way due to any kind of harm or hit.”

Gordon initially told arresting officers that it was Leal who attacked him first, but she denied his version of events. Now Laura claims Gordon was not responsible for the violent episode and the blame for what happened that night rests on her.

“On the contrary, I suffer from severe anger issues in which Nick has been an incredible support to get my act together,” she writes. “I am seeking help and determined to take the condition seriously as I have been diagnosed bipolar. He is not at blame, and should not be pushed into any trouble or consequences due to my actions.”

She adds, “I am responsible for what happened that night and want you to know what a great person Nicholas truly is. When I have episodes, he helps to calm me down and prevents me from doing anything that could make things worse.”

Leal ends the letter by saying, “There is nothing more I would wish for than to move forward.”

A judge has yet to rule.

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