New Movie called “Wolfe” Exposes Sexual Abuse in the Black Church and More! (video)

"film Director Ya'ke Smith and Wolfe
"film Director Ya'ke Smith  and Wolfe

Chile, while the world was learning of the allegations made against Bishop Eddie Long engaging in sexual relationships with teen-age boys at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in September, 2010,  African-American film director and professor, Ya’ke Smith was busy finishing his script for a movie, ironically dealing with same issue!

According to Rolling Out, The movie entitled, “Wolfe” was conceived by Smith after growing up in the church and having friends within the church body  who became victims of sex abuse in the church, so he decided that it was time for their voices to be heard.

In an exclusive interview conducted by Rolling Out, Smith, answered when asked how the film was being received in the religious community in wake of the Eddie Long Sex Scandal and Settlement:

[tabs titles=”Tab One”][tab]”The interesting thing about that is I started writing before the Bishop Eddie Long thing happened. And literally right after I finished the first draft of the script, the story broke.  So, I started to do more research into that case and lo and behold things that happened in that case — things that I heard during that case — watching and researching it, of course, ended up in the film. But my church, New Creation Christian Fellowship of San Antonio, Texas, has been so supportive. Bishop Copeland opened up the doors of the church — we filmed there — because he felt it was time for this subject to be brought out of the darkness. There have even been requests from other churches to screen the film. So I’d say the reception has been mostly positive.”[/tab][/tabs]

While Eddie Long eventually settled his case against his accusers Jamal, Parris, Spencer LeGrand  and Centino Kemp, mega church, Newbirth, lost many of its followers due to the scandal in the church. However, several members looked beyond the alleged allegations against their pastor by his accusers and leaving the resolution of their pastor’s  problem in “God’s and the lawyers hands .  while they, as a church,  continued to focus on fulfilling God’s purpose for New Birth Church.

Since 2010,  New Birth Missionary Baptist Church appears to be healing and staying focused on  fulfilling the Great Commission, remaining very active in community outreach and studying the Word.  That is amazing and speaks volumes to the discipline and leadership of  New Birth.

 I can’t think of one black church that was  able to survive such a massive world wide church scandal as New Birth has.    In the black church community,  New Birth Missionary Baptist Church scandal, was comparable to the Catholic Church Sex Scandal.  

Finally Eddie Long is not the first, nor will he be the last pastor  in the black church accused of allegedly having inappropriate relationships and causing major church scandal,  several other large denominations have been involved in one type of scandal or another including Bishop Joseph Walker

What is perplexing to me is that while black church sex scandals are considered  breaking news  at the onset, yet,  we very seldom  find out what happened in the end, does everybody just settle out of court and the case and story  just  fades away?  

Kudos to Ya’ke Smith for bringing this issue to the forefront and making believers understand the need to stop sweeping these issues under the carpet and learn how to deal with them as a church body.


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