Curry has struggled to start games effectively since returning from a knee injury suffered in the first round. Over 12 games, he is shooting 35.3 percent from the field in the first quarter, 39.3 percent in the second, 47.7 percent in the third, 54.5 percent in the fourth and 87.5 percent in one overtime.

Curry has also seen his famously long range leave him this postseason. He is 1-for-12 from 30 feet and beyond in the playoffs and has attempted just one shot from over 30 feet in this series, which he missed.

He has averaged 16.0 points, 4.3 assists and 5.0 turnovers over the three games of the Finals.

It’s not just Curry who has struggled. Fellow All-Star guard Klay Thompson has averaged 12.0 points per game on 36.8 percent shooting against the Cavaliers.

Coach Steve Kerr brushed off concerns that his backcourt starters were underperforming.

“I think that’s a little bit exaggerated,” Kerr said. “We were up 2-0, and in one of the games they both played under 30 minutes and there wasn’t much required from either one of them. You talk about a three-game sample size. So everyone’s going crazy about, ‘What’s wrong with these guys?’ Nothing’s wrong. We’re up 2-1. They both can play better, they know that, but we’re not talking about a month-long slump here.”