Mike Freeman getting Stronger

As many of you know Pastor Michael Freeman has been extremely sick for several weeks, so sick, that allegedly he was placed in an induced coma. While it has still not yet been revealed exactly what going on with Pastor Mike Freeman’s body, the videos verify that these are just not rumors chile, Pastor Mike was SICK!!

Yet, that has not stopped him from keeping his ministry in tact, in fact, he and his wife DEE DEE are utilizing You Tube to stay in touch with their Saints. Check out their postings of Pastor Mike Freeman’s recovery process and call to continue to support the church, cause he is expecting a comeback real soon!:

Now I know that I have been very hard on Pastor Mike Freeman for the way he handled the Jericho City of Praise fiasco but that does not mean that I don’t love Pastor Mike or wish ill of him or his family ,  that being said, don’t be sending me no nasty emails about flip flopping.  I pray God’s richest blessings upon Pastor Mike Freeman and pray that God’s grace and Mercy will allot him a full recovery in the coming days.

UPDATE: Pastor Michael Freeman Celebrates One Year of Healing!!