Pastor Michael Jordan regarding a vote for Trump

Pastor Michael Jordan’s outdoor message signs are in the news once again, this time directly hitting Trump!

Pastor Michael Jordan, (African-American) of New Era Baptist Church, outside of Birmingham, Alabama,  does not appear to be afraid of Trump, allegedly he has been known to use his

signs to relay messages against racism and this time, he is staunchly defending a sign outside his sanctuary that clearly states voting for President Trump is a mental illness or “pure racism.”

The sign itself, on one side it reads “A black vote for Trump is mental illness” and “A white vote for Trump is pure racism” on the other side.

“God motivates me to take a stand for what’s right,” Jordan said. “Read the Bible. And look in the White House. If they’re calling me a racist, look in the White House.”

Some locals are pushing back against Jordan’s sign, saying that a church is not a place to engage in political attacks.

Chile, folks are getting tired of all of this, I am just glad its men of God standing up and not gangs as we all know this could get UGLY!!

Well at least we know Trump has one loyal supporter,  Kanye West