Michael Clarke Duncan Funeral: Rev. Omarosa, ” He is the Love of My Life”

"Tom Hanks, Omarosa Manigault Stallworth and Holly Peete Robinson at Michael Clarke Duncan Funeral"
"Tom Hanks, Omarosa Manigault Stallworth and Holly Peete Robinson at Michael Clarke Duncan Funeral"


Michael Clarke Duncan Funeral, Rev. Omarosa ” He is the Love of My Life”

Michael Clarke Duncan funeral was held today with many stars in attendance including, Tom Hanks, Jay Leno Vivica Fox and Holly Robinson Peete just to name a few.

While veteran actor Tom Hanks said of his friend to reporters, “‘Mike was in charge of love.  He just had a zest and joy.’  It was Rev. Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, Michael Clarke Duncan’s Fiance’ that could hardly bear the pain  while wiping away her tears as she told reporters,  arriving  for the Funeral Service at the Hall of Liberty in Hollywood stating:

“Doctors said he would not survive for one or two days after the heart attack”  and  “I don’t remember him as Michael the actor or entertainer.  ‘ he was the love of my life,  he is the love of my life, I am going to miss him so much.”

Rev.Omarosa Manigault Stallworth at Michael Clarke Duncan Funeral

At the time of Michael Clarke Duncan’s sudden illness, the couple  were planning a wedding, scheduled to be married in December, 2012.

The cause of Michael’s death was respiratory failure with an underlying cause of a heart attack that Michael endured on July 13, 2012.  While Rev. Omarosa Manigault- Stallworth was able to revive Michael on that day, he never fully recovered. When asked about that day by CNN, Rev. Omarosa advised that she would prefer not to focus on that day.

The Four Hour Funeral Service was planked with several celebrities in attendance including, Vivica Fox, Loretta Devine and Holly Robinson Peete. Singers Angie Stone and Kelly Price were among the performers.

The Funeral service was presided by  mega church pastor  Bishop Charles Blake of West Angeles Church of God in Christ  and Dr. Beecher Hicks, Senior Pastor of  Metropolitan Baptist Church in Largo, Maryland   delivered  the eulogy.

Prior to the private invitation only funeral service, a public viewing was held the day before allowing the public time to  bid goodbye to Michale Clarke Duncan in an open casket viewing at the Hall of Liberty at Forrest  Lawn Memorial Park.  the area was filled with flower arrangements.

"Michael Clarke Duncan Casket"

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RIP Michael Clarke Duncan, CLB family please keep his  Mom and Rev. Omarosa Manigault in your prayers.

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