Maya Angelou: Stop disrespecting President Obama

Maya Angelou Quotes

Maya Angelou told Politics Nation this week that  it is just stupid and disrespectful how many are treating President Barack Obama. The great poet and civil rights activists as we all know does not hold her tongue letting everyone know that:

“It just shows that there are a lot of people that want us to continue to be these yet-to-be-United States. It is so stupid.”

“He’s shown himself to be intelligent, and that doesn’t mean educated, nor does it mean intellectual, but really intelligent,” she said. “It means he knows enough to care about everybody, to be the president of everybody, white people’s president, black people, Asian, Spanish speaking, Native-American, gay and straight, president of everybody.”

“We’re more alike than we are unalike. When you know that, then you can make a relationship that helps us all to be kinder, truer to each other, more courteous.”

“And so when I see those people who want to continue to keep us polarized I think how stupid. Are we really going to continue to be that thick? That dense?”

“Too many young black men and women don’t know that they’ve already been paid for, don’t know some of the great men and women who have lived in this world and paid for them already,” she explained. “It’s important for young black men and women. I think it’s imperative for young white men and women. You see, only equals make friends. Any other relationship is out of order.”

Source: MSNBC | Morgan Whitaker