Maxine Waters Brought The True State Of The Union Response

Maxine Waters Brought The True State Of The Union Response

Listen…we all knew Congresswoman Maxine Waters was going to bring the FIYAH when she went on BET to give her response to Donald Trump’s State of The Union address. And we were not disappointed.

In true fashion, during the Angela Rye’s State of the Union that aired on Wednesday night, Waters snatched Trump’s entire wig off, referring to him as “unpresidential,” “racist” and “dangerous.”

In her pre-taped response, Auntie Maxine also called out Trump for calling Black NFL players who took a knee during the National Anthem “son of a bitch,” for demeaning Mexican immigrants by labeling them “rapists and criminals,” for being xenophobic for his problematic Muslim ban and showing empathy for white supremacists during the violent Charlottesville rally last summer.

“One speech cannot and does not make Donald Trump presidential. He’s not presidential and he never will be presidential. He claims that’s bringing people together but make no mistake, he is a dangerous, unprincipled, divisive, and shameful racist,” Waters said.

“Trump often works to convince dissatisfied elements in our society that all of their problems are caused by people of color.”

Waters also suggested that there be a parental advisory warning when the president appears on television.

“Whenever he appears on TV there should be a disclaimer that says ‘This may be may not be acceptable for children,’” she stressed.

She ended her speech hammering in the notion that this president is a “terrible role model” for children.

“He stokes racial animosity by referring to black NFL players as sons of bitches and demonizing immigrants from Haiti and Africa. This president, with his vulgarity and his disrespect for women and people of color, is a terrible role model for our children.”

See her entire response below:

It’s no secret that Waters has been one of the main faces of the resistance and has continually called for #45’s impeachment. In a statement she issued on Jan. 12, she called the President “racist” and “deplorable.”

“Donald Trump is a racist and indecent man with no good values who is woefully unfit and undeserving of the office in which he serves,” Waters said.

“That this president, a deeply flawed human being with no understanding of public policy, would make such ill-informed and deplorable comments about Haitians, Salvadorans, and immigrants from African countries, merely underscores everything we already know about him: he is a hopeless and ignorant bigot.”




(Photo Credit: Joyce Chow / PRPhotos)