Mathew Knowles Provides A Classy Clap Back To Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams has been on a shade throwing rampage lately and doesn’t know when to stop.

She took her shade throwing over to Destiny’s Child on her show where she called the Beyoncé’s career great and labeled Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland’s careers “Gr,” the beginning letters of great.

She mentioned that Beyoncé has basically thrown them bones for their, “flat careers.”

Well, Mathew Knowles wasn’t having any of that, because he provided a classy clap back. If the suit doesn’t scream classy, then take a look at what’s behind Knowles.

A wall with all kinds of awards which is not hard to notice. Besides all that, he called Williams out saying, “Wendy Williams. You spend your day being negative. I prefer to spend my day being positive, helping my community.” He added, “Maybe you don’t know, that Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé were ranked in the Top 10 artist of the decade.”

Knowles continued to put Williams in her place listing off facts about the group and the individual’s accomplishments. Now if Williams still doesn’t get it, then the mess is all on her.

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(Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)