Mary Mary Season 3 are you Ready?

Season 3 of Mary Mary will premeier February 27, 2014 on WE and Mary Mary fans can’t wait to see  the new twists and turns of this gospel singing duo sensation.  The two sat down with Jet recently giving us a sneak peak of what season three may hold including, Tina revealing how she felt about the backlash she received from Ebony’s 2013 cover interview revelaing her husband’s infedelity issues.

““It almost broke me,”

“If I knew my real truth when I talked to EBONY I would’ve never told it. I found out what it was while I was taping.”

“I still believe in God and love. I will not live in the horrible space of ‘I’m going to fix him’ or ‘I hate men and marriage.’ You do that for a moment and realize it doesn’t undo anything.”

Tina’s truth  as well as the real reason they split with their former manager, Mitchell Solarek, will  be revealed on season three of Mary Mary

Make sure you pick up a copy of Jet Magazine today to read the entire story, for now, check out how  Tina’s  and Erica’s fondest memories of Jet Magazine and how proud they are to be on the cover of Jet magazine during their photo shoot: