Love thy Gay Church Member?

Having worked in the Black Church for more than 20 years, one thing that has always annoyed me was the fact that we never deal with the issue of homosexuality in the church.  Clearly homosexuality is very much visible in the black church, we  see it in our choir directors, congregants and most recently our pastors.  We pray, laugh and to some point share in the lives of these individuals yet we fail to support them and their lifestyles openly. We are acustomed to utilizing the Don’t Ask, Don’t tell policy.  This past Sunday while I was in church I decided to write about this controversial subject and while researching this blog I came across two very interesting videos that helped me to understand that I should and will love my Gay church members for who they are as children of God.  I have decided that I will leave the judgement part up to God!  check it out and please, feel free to share your comments.

Source: The Black Church Page

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