Loni Love Is Ready For Late-Night T.V.



In an interview with the Los Angeles Times Loni Love talked about her dream Hollywood job of hosting a late-night talk show.

In a market dominated by male hosts like Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and so many others there seem to be no women on late-night talk shows. Love says she’s, “I’m trying to keep tackling hosting. In the daytime, women have always traditionally hosted. But in late-night, it’s always been a challenge…”

One woman who does host her own late-night show is Samantha Bee in her show Full Frontal. In an interview Bee explains that there is a “lack of diversity of late-night television a ‘late-night all-male sausage fest’.”

Even with the lack of diversity in the industry, Love is in it for the long haul. She’ll advocate for herself.

Love credits Chelsea Handler for encouraging her while shooting Chelsea Latley. Love helped Chelsea with seven seasons of the show which grew each time. She says Chelsea, “…worked herself up. That’s where I’m going next, tackling late-night in the prime-time space.”

This also touches on the black women in comedy. Love says, “For a long time, black women in comedy had to always be sassy. Do the neck, the eye roll. I did a guest spot on one show and I did this one little sassy moment and they made me a regular.”

Fighting stereotypes has always been an issue in the black community. However, when it’s overcome with hard work and dedication, you end up breaking out and becoming the unique individual that you knew you were but just showing the world you’re different.

Loni Love made that distinction and continues to rise.

(Sources: Mic & Eurweb)

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