Living Together is Ok, Deitrick Haddon

Living Together is OK as long as you don’t have SEX!!!


Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams faciitating Bishop Ron Gibson’s Mancave Really!  Not only was I surprised at Michelle’s high pitch voice, although entertaining it became a little annoying after a while.  I think that Michelle is a gifted singer but a host of talk show is definetly not her gift.  I did think she looked beautiful contrary to Bishop Ron Gibson calling her Elvira (lol)

Preachers of LA Manacave Special was a good way to promote the Season 2 and get everybody geeked to watch it on August 20, 2014.

It appeared that Bishop McClendon pissed off Bishop Gibson and Noel Jones, everybody seemed to be hating on Bishop McGlendon in particulary for appearing to not really want to be a part of the show. While Michelle did help the Preachers of LA reflect on some of their drama she also revealed how they actually ministerd to people focusing particular on Rick Dog and getting out the gang, Pastor Jay helping an ex member, April, become accepted as a  transgendered male now named David.

Bishop Gibson mentioned that Pastors are going to have to be educated on how to deal with the same sex marriage and ministering to them, they all focused on the need for the media to focus more on the work of ministry that these men are offering.

Bishop Gibson showed Deitrick Haddon where Living Together is a Sin making reference to the Woman at the Well. Deitrick went head to toe with them saying that just people live together does not necessarily mean that they were having Sex, but it gets hot and heavy on the show as Bishop Gibson reads Deitrick telling him he doesn’t keep his rocket in his pocket, just got to watch it for yourself Chile, then make sure you tune in on August, 2014 on Oxygen.