LeBron James Missed Protocol Class

LeBron James committed a Royal sin by putting his arm around the Duchess of Cambridge, Chile Pleeze!

AP reported that the mishap happened after the game  on Monday night at the Barclay’s Center in New York.  LeBron James offered the Royal couple gifts then posed for a picture and placed his hands on her shoulder.

Allegedly protocol prohibits anyone from touch any members of the Royal Family.  It did not appear to bother the Dutchess whom I love because they keep it so REAL!  Heck they even carried their own umbrellas in the rain this week as whey walked to the 9/11 Memorial in lower Manhattan New york.

Don’t feel bad Lebron James, you are not the first one to make that mishap, allegedly Michelle Obama made the same mistake when she met Queen Elizabeth in 2011.

Chile, that’s how black folk roll, we got to get together when its time to take a photo!

Source: AP

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