LeAndria Johnson Says the Black Church is a Cult

We have got to really pray for LeAndria Johnson!

After making extremely derogatory remarks about the church including using profanity, Leandria Johnson was booted from appearing in this year’s Essence Festival.  Clearly being after receiving the news, Leandria Johnson

took to her smartphone using Facebook Live and made an incredibly long video, looking and acting deranged and dogging the church, big time, Chile! Watching this video made me think of Whitney Houston in her last days. She rants about Pastors using Saints to make “Good Business Decisions” and making money off them, calling everyone Dumb A—es.  She even admitted (loosely) that she started her church because it was a lucrative business (smh). Although LeAndria Johnson states multiple times in the video that she is fine, intervention and prayer are definitely needed.