Kendu Issacs Wants Share Of Money From Mary J. Blige’s ‘Divorce Songs’

Mary J. Blige soon to be Ex done lost his mind if he thinks he can milk her like a cash cow, be strong Mary, Chile, we are praying for you!!!

If Mary J. Blige thought her estranged, so-to-be ex-husband, Martin “Kendu” Isaacs, was going to accept the money she’s currently paying him and leave her in peace while the divorce process winds its way through the legal system, she’s finding out differently.

Dude is accusing the singer of using their failed marriage as a creative source for new music and making a grip of cash as a result. The bottom line is that he wants some of that money, too.

Kendu Issacs claims he needs the cash and whatever else he can get from her to keep from becoming destitute now that he’s no longer her manager, nor in her life as her husband.

We would ask what keeps him from looking for a job, but that’s a whole other subject. In the meantime, speaking of employment, maybe we have the answer to our question.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Isaacs says he has been unemployed since the divorce case was filed, and claims Blige is trashing him in the press, hindering his ability to get a job.

As an example of what he has to deal with, he notes that Blige has released two songs (“Love Yourself” and “Set Me Free”) which he says are now known as her “divorce songs.” He Claims Mary J has experienced a career surge as a result of the breakup.

Isaacs also wants you to know that since he moved out the $8 million crib he shared with Blige, he’s had to make do with a tiny, meager 1,400 sq. ft. apartment in Los Angeles. Bottom line: He says he needs more money from Blige just to survive!

And to survive … on his terms … he’s looking for Miss Mary to turn over $65K per month to him, which he says is mere chump change for Blige, who he claims has $275,476 per month available for support payments.

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(Photo Credit: Associated Press)