Katherine Jackson Not Missing: Resting in Arizona

"Paris Katherine and Janet Jackson"
 Katherine Jackson Not Missing: Resting in Arizona


While some family members filed a missing report after not being able to reach the elder Ms. Jackson last week, her son Jermaine Jackson said that Ms. Jackson is fine and resting at a non disclosed location in Arizona under doctors orders.

It appears that the drama in Michael Jackson’s  family just keeps on coming. Last week  news  reports stated that Janet was furious with Paris for beginning an acting career at such a young age advising that is something that Michael would not want to happen, he would want her to enjoy being a kid and possibly go to college.

Then, allegedly, Randy leaked a letter written by Jackson family members trying to fire the lawyers serving as executors of their brother Michael Jackson estate.

Paris goes on a twitter rampage accusing her uncle Randy of spreacing malicious rumors about the health of her grandmother.

Then on Saturday, Mrs. Katherine Jackson’s nephew Trent filed a missing persons case on Katherine stating the family had not heard from her in a week. After which Paris went again to twitter stating:

[tabs titles=”Tab One”][tab]“@randyjackson8 hello dear FAMILY member I don’t appreciate you yelling everyone things that aren’t true thank you very much.”[/tab][/tabs]

That tweet has since been taken down.

Jermaine Jackson notified everybody that his mother was doing fine and that she was resting in a non disclosed location in Arizona as prescribed by the doctor. A doctor who Paris says is suspicious.

Now how is that for drama, Chile Pleeze! my head is spinning.