Kanye West Popup at New Birth drew Thousands

Kanye West Popup was held inside New Birth Baptist Church this Weekend attracting thousands including Celebrities!

During Sunday’s worship, Kanye West and the choirs provided their own wording twists to R&B favorites to be gospel-centered. For instance, Kanye West  turned Ginuwine’s “So Anxious” into a gospel song, as well as “Father Stretch my Hands.”A New Birth spokesperson noted that choirs and musicians combined that day totaled 600.

The Popup Service also drew a lot of celebrities to the church including T.I. (Tip), Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Jermaine Dupri, 2 Chainz, Chris Tucker and Nelly.

Kanye West also delivered a powerful testimony:
“I’ve seen him work miracles in my life,” said West. He also said he’s seen everything the devil can do to lead one astray.

You just got to watch the video to see the rest of it, Chile!

Prior to Kanye’s appearance, pastor Jamal Bryant announced plans to make New Birth debt-free and to start an affordable housing project for seniors and a medical facility that will serve the uninsured and underinsured.  Both projects scheduled to begin next year and will be built on the campus of what pastor Jamal Bryant is toting, “the largest land-owning church in America.

“As you all know, we are two weeks away from making our headway to becoming a debt-free church. … We are the largest land-owning church in America. And next year, y’all get ready, ’cause it’s gonna be construction trucks all over our sanctuary, all over our campus. We’re looking to build right on our campus, affordable housing,”

Noting the rapid growth of the older adult population in the U.S., Bryant explained that he believes God has called his church to invest in the welfare of seniors and other vulnerable populations.

“The fastest-growing demographic is now our seniors, for the first time in American history. There are more 60-year-olds than there are 16-year-olds. We are a multi-generational church, and we have to make sure that we take care of our parents and our grandparents.

“So right on our campus we’re gonna be building an assisted-living home for our seniors. Right on our campus, it is our intention to build a medical facility for people in this community who do not have health insurance and for those who are underinsured,” Bryant said. “Far too many are dying of curable diseases. And we want to make sure that the church doesn’t just operate on Sunday, but Monday through Saturday, that we are a lamplight to the community. That’s what God is calling us to do.”
While Kanye is doing Popups, it appears that pastor Jamal Bryant is shaking up Atlanta and the Christian community forcing us to step out of our boxes and step up in our community, I LOVE IT!
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