Juanita Bynum hates on E Dewey Smith

Phrophetess juanita Bynum has the nerve to be hating on Greater Traveler’s Rest (House of Hope), led by Pastor E. Dewey Smith in Decatur, GA after watching a video of his congreagtion celebrating the various generations within their church  by dancing in the isles during its 138th anniversary.

Each year, House of Hope has a moment of multi-generational celebration, honoring different age groups and acknowledging their journey of faith. This is an effort to bridge the gap that exists in many churches among“Builders” (born 1945 and before); “Boomers” (born between 1946-1965); “Busters” (born between 1966-1983); and “Bridgers” (born between 1984-2003).

One song represents their past, before Christ (B.C.) and the other is the tune that sets the soundtrack of that generation’s after-deliverance (from sin) days (A.D.).

It is being reported that Juanita Bynum, 55 , after watching the video posted on her facebook page, “This is why we have to pray.”  





Chile Pleeze, have you not forgotten not so long ago  when you were beating your husband up in a parking lot, or how about a few years ago when you confessed to being with women, come on now, Juanita Bynum, don’t throw stones cause your house is full of glass !

And another thing, though we are Christian we are not dead and we all live in a secular world, is it not ok for Christians to dance?  Cause if that’s the case, Chile I have been sinning all my life.   Where in the bible does it says you can’t dance, I believe David danced out of his clothes (some of yall young seminarians help me with this one).

Ok, I am getting all wound up now I got to get back on track with the story, (lol)

After being slammed on social media, Juanita Bynum went on to say:


“I want to thank all for standing with me for the sacred things of God,”  crying, not judging. Just standing for what I hold dear and sacred and that’s the display of worship.”

“People can curse at me, call me names. I really don’t care. I’m crying in worship and praise to God for giving me a conviction about what is to be kept holy. I know these are the times when I must choose between popular opinion and my stand for what is holy and sacred. I already died to self. So whatever people say, you can’t kill me.”

Again, chile pleeze!

I  think what Pastor Smith is doing is wonderful, bridging the gap between young, middle age and elders is a great concept and it looked like a lot of fun too! Being a buster I was jamming  to Doug E Fresh, as I was typing Chile, great job Pastor Smith and HOH







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