Bishop Joespeh Walker Lawsuit, More women come forward (video)

Valencia Batson VS Mt. Zion & Joseph Walker

Valencia Batson VS Mt. Zion & Joseph Walker

Joseph Walker lawsuit update 12/3/2012 click here


Bishop Joseph Walker Lawsuit now involves more women who  came forward today to speak out and join Valencia Batson  as witness’ and victims against Bishop Joseph Walker and Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, TN. The civil law suit seeks 5 million dollars in damages.

Valencia Batson‘s names three other church leaders including:

Jerry Luren Whyte : Mt. Zion’s Overseer of Fiscal Affairs

Michael E. Williams: Pastor of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, Nashville; allegedly Full Gospel affiliate

Kerry Edwin Bryant: Former Assistant to Bishop Joseph Walker III and current Direct Overseer for Full Gospel

Darrell Owens: Former Assistant to Bishop Joseph Walker now affiliated with Christ the Rock Community Church in Florida. Christ the Rock is allegedly affiliated with Full Gospel

Kimberly Bartin Rankins: Affilated with Mt. Zion Baptist Church

As of Sunday, The Mount Zion congregation, as well as Walker’s wife, Stephanie Walker, have been supportive of the pastor. Mrs. Walker spoke to the congregation Sunday. “Please don’t mistake these tears for tears of sadness. I absolutely love my husband and support him in every way,” she said.

download the pdf of the actual civiil lawsuit filed here