Joel Peebles denied the right to purchase Mother’s Home, Trustees to Rent Instead!

"Joel Peebles offer to purchase Betty Peebles home rejected by Trustees"

"Joel Peebles offer to purchase Betty Peebles home rejected by Trustees"

Since The Trustee Board of Jericho City of Praise mega church  fired Pastor Joel Peebles,  he has been on fire preaching to more than 3,000 worship every Sunday.  Now all y’all know that when we praise God even in storms, the devil gets mad.

Since his mother’s death,  Pastor Joel Peebles has continued the course  of fulfilling the Great Commission speaking in love and truth, we all know that the devil can’t have that going on  so I guess one would be able to rationalize  why Pastor Joel Peebles was denied the right to purchase his mother’s home recently and told to come get the belongings before they are auctioned! website reveals communications sent between Apostle Peebles estate lawyer and Joel Peebles Lawyer. The first advising Pastor Joel Peebles to remove her personal belongings from the home, then a response from Peebles submitting a contract to purchase the home, only to be told that the trustees were not interested in selling the home in this market and if he did not remove personal property, it would be sold at auction. Really, chile PLEEZE!  who would not want a cash buyer in this market.

What was really interesting to me was that, allegedly, the executors Michael and Delores freeman, were the persons who rejected the offer.  One more reason to believe the members who are stating that Mike and Dee Dee Freeman masterminded this hostile takeover from the beginning of Apostle Peebles rapidly declining health.

What other  reason on earth would a Pastor deny another Pastor the opportunity  to maintain his mother’s home.  (this is more than a dirty crying shame, some would even go so far to call it evil!)  And, to blame the decision on  the real estate market, is just down right disrespectful to say the least.

CLB Family,  click here to visit to get additional information and please continue to pray for the Freeman’s God knows they need it.