Joel Peebles Wins MD Court of Appeals Case: Jericho City of Praise Board Must Allow Back!

"Joel Peebles and wife"
"Joel Peebles and wife"

Joel Peebles allowed back at Jericho City of Praise

Joel Peebles who was ousted from mega church Jericho City of Praise in Landover Maryland in April 2012, just won his Maryland Court of Appeals Case and the rogue Board must allow him back at Jericho City of  says  Joel Peebles via a text message.

Pastor Joel Peebles has been at conflict with  this Board since his mother’s death and, allegedly, Dr. Michael Freeman was the mastermind behind hostile take over.

Allegedly it was also Dr. Michael Freeman who  planted Rev. Rodney S. Walker as unofficial leader of the church .

Pastor Joel Peebles has been through a lot including not being allowed access to his mother during her final days to not even being allowed access to her home after her death.

When Pastor Joel was walked out of  Jericho City of Praise he did not have malice in his heart, in fact, he told those who trespassing against them that he loved them.

In the after math of the ousting, Pastor Joel moved forward with his faith in God and planted a new ministry, City of Praise in a hotel room and shortly thereafter, most of the members of Jericho City of Praise followed.

The church grew by thousands in a matter of months while Jericho City of Praise became abandoned.

Pastor Joel and the Jericho City of Praise family with much discipline, prayer and the help of who broke the story exclusively with the help of members of the church who created their own tell all website, peopleofpraisemd,  and other internet blogs including AT2W , that helped the story grow legs enabling Pastor Joel Peebles and Jericho City of Praise saga  to go viral on the internet.

As a result of  these bloggers efforts,  news media outlets started covering the story nationally and  Joel Peebles continued to be encouraged and fight the good fight, in spirit, in truth and in love. Thus, Pastor Joel Peebles  received the victory and will be back and Jericho City of Praise.

Jericho City of Praise spokeswoman Denise Killen tells WTOP that the church has “no knowledge of that. All the information we have is that it’s going back to the lower court. Joel Peebles is not here.”

A spokeswoman for Peebles says it’s their legal understanding the ruling allows the pastor back in the church as well as the ability to preach there.

Now of course the existing Jericho City of Praise Board is going to fight and deny this to the end.

After all their perceived position power, job and big money is at stake, cause let’s just keep it Real, do we really think Pastor Joel Peebles and the congregation will continue to allow them to be leaders of the church and continue to work there?  I don’t think so CLB family.  But I am sure, Pastor Joel Peebles will  release them in LOVE as Michael Jackson would say.

I will praying for Mike Freeman, Dee Dee Freeman and Rodney S. Walker, the Lord has spoken so as proclaimed  servant of Gods, LISTEN, remove your flesh from this situation and allow God to use you as vessels of healing for this Shepherd and his sheep.

Let go and Let God!