Joel Peebles finally gets his Day in Court against Jericho City of Praise Trustee Board

"Joel Peebles City of Praise"
"Joel Peebles City of Praise"

It’s been a long time coming CLB family but Pastor Joel Peebles will finally  have his day in Maryland court of Special Appeals on September 11, 2012 as reported by the Washington Post.

Pastor Joel is confident in the Lord that he will regain control of the building and that the ministry will continue to grow in the Maryland and Viriginia areas.

I posted a while back that Pastor Joel Peebles ministry was thriving as most of  the saints attending Jericho followed Pastor Joel as he planted City of Praise ministries in hotels and a local high school after being ousted by Jericho City of Praise self appointed church staff  Trustee Boad.  

Pastor Joel Peebles stayed focused on Jesus and kept loving the people in spite of and as a result his ministry flourished while Jericho City of praise membership continues to dwindle even with a new unofficial new leader, Rodney S. Walker. 

When asked about his feelings regarding the ousting Pastor Joel replied:

“I don’t feel displaced. I feel free,” Peebles was quoted as saying. “We are excited to be stretching the ministry.”

CLB family you have been faithful in praying for this church and Pastor Joel Peebles ministires, please continue!