Joe Torry Stands By Bill


Joe Torry stood by Bill Cosby and he endured one of the most difficult trials of his lifetime.  While Joe received some accolades for standing by his friend, there was also a lot of backlashes.

Joe did an exclusive interview on the Tom Joyner morning show to clear the air and make sure everybody understood that he did not receive a check for his appearance nor has ever received a check from his frat brother Bill Cosby.

Here is the audio of the heated interview with Tom Joyner recently:


Deliberations began in Bill Cosby’s trial on charges of aggravated indecent assault on Monday night after prosecutors and defense attorneys made their final pleas to the jury.

In a fiery closing statement, defense attorney Brian McMonagle said the prosecution’s key witness, Andrea Constand, had too many inconsistencies in her story to be a reliable witness.

But District Attorney Kevin Steele said those inconsistencies were minor and little more than a distraction. He argued that Cosby used his role as a mentor and respected public figure to gain Constand’s trust and then drug her and take advantage of her.
What saddens me most about this case is the fact that Bill Cosby has already been judged by the Court of Public opinion and so much testimony reflects that his accuser continued a relationship with him well after the alleged event took place. I am most appalled how so many HBCU’s pulled the carpet under one of their own Alumni, guilty or innocent that was not right and I am still waiting to see if they will give Bill and Camille their donations back!!!

Source: Black America Web