Jesus Saves Dallas Mega church pays $2.4 million for domain name

jesus saves dot com

Jesus Saves is a really popular domain clearly and God bless the domain owner who sold it for over 2 million dollars, you heard me right, Chile!

A Mega Church done lost their mind (ebonics) spending a whopping $2.4 million dollars on a domain name, Chile Pleeze!  do you know how many hungry mouths that money could feed!  And no, it was not Bishop T.D. Jakes–thank God!  here is the scoop as reported by

For the past decade, so-called “mega churches” in the US have accumulated both large followships and extremefinancial prominence that regular parishes do not possess.

Jesus saves

In a clear display of such combined power, the Church of Jesus Christ Savior Soter (JCSS) has made a large domain acquisition.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas the mega church paid $2.4 million dollars for the domain name, Jesus.Saves – a gTLD offered by Donuts, Inc.

The sale is expected to boost sales and registrations of gTLD domain names, that arrived early in 2014 to expand the Internet name lanes.

Once believed to be a figment of technocrat’s imagination, gTLDs such as dot .Saves are quickly adopted by marketing experts that identify with a keyword+gTLD approach to domain branding.

The Jesus.Saves URL will most likely be used to promote religious awareness in the Dallas area, where more than 4,000 other churches compete for the ultra mega super title.

Religion is a big money generator in the US, all while schools and public offices remain separate from it.