Jericho City of Praise is released back to Pastor Joel Peebles

jericho city of praise dc court ruling

Bishop Joel Peebles storm has finally passed, Jericho City of Praise was released back to him and his flock.

please see below Dr. Jasmin Sculark official statement regarding the Courts Decision:

WASHINGTON, Aug. 12, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — Dr. Jasmin “Jazz” Sculark (photo), CEO and Founder of Dr. Jazz Ministries, releases the following and is available for comment:
“I have been honored to pastor at Jericho City of Praise for this past year and serve the congregation and community. I am not, nor have I ever been involved in any way, directly nor indirectly in any of the legal battles surrounding the church and the Board of Directors. All of the legal cases predate my arrival to Jericho City of Praise.
“God sent me to the DMV area to minister to souls. I was never called to a building, but to reach and win people for the kingdom of God. My thoughts and prayers are with the people and pastor that will give leadership to the Jericho City of Praise Church.
“Remaining faithful while laboring together with God.”
— Dr. Jasmin Sculark, CEO & Founder, Dr. Jazz Ministries

Hamil Harris currently a multi-platform reporter on the Local Desk of The Washington Post later reported that Dr. Jazz later met  with about 200 people in the main sanctuary of the First Baptist Church of Glenarden, where she sparked applause when she told the gathering that while she no longer is the pastor of the Jericho City of Praise, she planned to open a new church building with a new name Labor Day weekend.“I am still called to preach to pastor people in the DMV,” said Sculark adding that she planned to have 21 days of fasting and prayer before she makes her new plans known. “I seek clarity from God in regards to a location and name.”

And while many in gathering expressed thanks and vowed to follow her, the room grew quiet when Sculark told those gathered that they all needed to decide between three entities in terms of where they will worship in the future: The Jericho City of Praise under Peebles; Jericho Baptist Church, which is being led by the board members who deposed Peebles; or  her new ministry.

“If you go with Bishop Peebles, go in grace; if you go with the church led by the board, go in grace; and if you come with Dr. Jazz go in grace,” Sculark said. “I don’t have a building, I don’t have a name, but I do have a vision. … This isn’t about a clique, this isn’t about friends, ain’t no Bentley (Betty Peebles old car), this is about rolling up your sleeves and working.”

This Sunday and next, Sculark said she will be worshiping at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden. Joel and Ylawnda Peebles will continue to hold services at Forestville Military Academy and Roosevelt High School unitl renovations are complete expected re-entry will be on August 30th.

Joel peebles returns to jericho


A statement from the Peebles posted on the doors of the City of Praise read: “We are working as quickly as possible to facilitate all work so your church experience is as enjoyable as possible when you encounter God.”

And according to the Washington Post, Bishop Peebles offered the following statement:

“All that I want to say is to God be the glory, and we are humbled and blessed,” said Peebles as he, his wife and their son left the administrative offices of the 100-acre Landover campus Friday afternoon. “I have to get my son to football practice.” and he had nothing but praise for Sculark, saying, “We love her.”

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