Jericho City of Praise Joel Peebles wins AGAIN!

"Pastor Joel Peeples fired as Pastor of Jericho city of Praise"

"Pastor Joel Peeples fired as Pastor of Jericho city of Praise"

Jericho City of Praise Maryland Court of Appeals Rules in Joel Peebles Favor!

As many of my CLB family know, I have been covering the Jericho City of Praise story for almost one year, there are so many twists and turns that will require you to do some back reading, basically in a nutshell, six employees of the church attempted an hostile takeover that eventually led to them having the pastor removed from the premises.

Many are alleging that Rev. Mike and Dee Dee Freeman were the masterminds behind the takeover, none-the-less Pastor Joel and most of the members of Jericho City of Praise have been fighting in Spirit, Truth and Love, setting what I believe an example for church leaders across the country.

After many court room appearances, restraining orders, and petitions, I am pleased to report that the battle is another step closer to being  finally over, read below a report offered by the People of Praise:

On Tuesday January 22, 2013, the Maryland Court of Appeals, the supreme court in Maryland has agreed with the Maryland Court of Special Appeals and has denied the Petition for Writ of Certiorari entered by the six Self-Appointed, Rogue employees. This means that the Court of Appeals of Maryland (the highest court) will not even entertain the thought of looking at their case. The court said that they saw no issue that would make them think an error occurred when the Court of Special Appeals overruled Judge Dwight Jackson. It said that he was wrong in giving the six Self-Appointed Rogue employees their summary judgment. They agreed that there was sufficient evidence to show that Pastor Joel was in fact a member of the Board of Trustees all the time.

So what does all this really mean and where are we now with this case?

that these six rogue employees were denied their petition to the Maryland Supreme Court which sends this case back to the lower court. We have won another round. The Maryland Supreme and now affirms the MD Court of Special Appeals decision and it takes away the delay tactic that they tried to setup. They were attempting to tie this case up in the appeals process for another 4-5 years. However the highest court, the Maryland Supreme Court said that they would not hear this case, so their delay tactic failed. The MD Supreme Court said that the MD Court of Special Appeals was correct when it overturned the lower courts previous decision which made the six rogues the legitimate board. The clock has been reset and the case of the six employees vs Pastor Joel & William Meadows will go back to the lower court for a trial by a jury. So while the case is still not resolved, it does put Pastor Joel Peebles and the members of People of Praise in a much better position by not tying the case up in courts for many years.

Praise God!

Further, you may recall that the members of the church also filed suit against the employees and here is the update on one of their two cases:

[quote]We have a default judgement against them in one of our cases (the Records Case). In the Records Case we have challenged the six rogues claim that they were voted in as trustees by the congregation in an election process. This is a lie. No such election ever took place.We now have a default judgement against them in this case, an on Friday February 8, 2013 we will go to court for an Ex-Parte hearing to seek our relief in this matter. We are asking the judge who will be the same one that originally ruled against Pastor Joel to be fair and grant us the chance to have a congregational election to vote for the Board of Trustees that we want.[/quote]
CLB family, please continue to pray for this body of Christ!.


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