Jericho City of Praise Update: Members offer their perspective on

the church lady blogsMembers of Jericho City of Praise are sick and tired of the bad press being cast upon their leader, Pastor Joel Peeples and they are using the to give everyone the real deal on both the lock out of their current pastor, Joel Peeples and  their perspective of what the desires of their beloved Bishop, the late  Betty Peeples really were!  Special thanks to the members of Jericho City of Praise for believing enough in the church lady to know that their voices will be heard.  I think it is imperative we provide a platform for both sides of this issue equally, hence, just as we post what is released to us from the press, we will also use this platform to release what we call the REAL DEAL from the People of Jericho City of Praise.


From Paulette Shelton: (Member Jericho City of Praise)

“Thank you for your posting. The media has printed the untruths just because a PR person supplied them with something juicy to read. ironically the PR person is a church member who come to the church’s administrative building in the evening.  It is sad because these individuals stay in the admin bldg late at night (after 10pm) and they work on holidays. My question is, who are they working for? They are not working for Pastor Joel.  In a matter of fact, they purchased a new copy machine with our tithing money and they will not give Pastor or his office assistant the password to the machine. What part of church management is this? Why are they still with holding the key to the church from the Pastor?

As true children of God, we will forgive these people for what they have done. Their days are numbered and their greed will be their wost enemy.
Our Pastor continues to preaching Forgiveness, Love, Faith, Focus, and Purpose.  The membership is growing and the support for our Pastor is powerful. He is  focused on the congregation’s souls and walk with Christ.
God is in control.”

From Elaine (Member Jericho City of Praise)

“Thanks for your prayers.  Apostle Betty told the congregation that she had prepared Pastor Joel to take over the ministry. She frequently said that success without a successor is failure. Pastor Joel has preached to thousands every Sunday for the past 20 years. Although he was Assistant Pastor his 8am service was larger than Apostle’s 11am service. Pastor Joel is a humble man. He is well-educated with a B.A. in editorial journalism, a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a Master’s in Divinity. He has earned degrees not a correspondent PhD with no Masters or Bachelors degree. He sat under Apostle’s tutelage his entire life. If she had concerns about him she would have told him and she certainly would not have allowed him to Shepard the flock.  She had confidence in his ability to manage business in that she nominated him and he is currently head of the Jericho Residences Board of Directors. This board has authority over assets in excess of $50 million which exceed the budget of all other Jericho properties. This confirms that Apostle had no issues with Pastor Joel’s business ability. God is uncovering people and plots.”

“Church lady-The one thing that most people fear when they get sick is to be placed in a nursing home.  These people say that they did what Mom wanted.  They said that they loved her.  Did she ask to be hidden from her family, have her doctor and nurse fired, be cared for by them in her home (none are medical professionals) get a painful bed sore the size of a fist, be placed in a nursing home and community hospital in Baltimore under an alias, have none of her family her son, her grand kids and other relatives visit her, make a new will with these people in it and not tell anyone, make the church secretary, book-keeper and janitor in charge of the church and not tell anyone, sign papers outlying terms of her employment with a termination clause?   She also had suffered from a stroke and had other medical problems. This was a very sick lady.  She had not been in the Church for a year prior to her death. Now to have agreed to be placed in a nursing home without her family which is most people’s worst nightmare mom was either not functioning at her full capacity or she was taken advantage of.  Which one was it?  These six people and others have some explaining to do.  They are all suspect. Their argument is that they did what mom wanted.”

From Ashley

“Hello Church Lady,
First thank YOU for publishing what the people of the City of Praise are saying.  We stand 100 percent behind Pastor Joel and First Lady.  As a member I am appauled at the way the media has framed this issue, not reading court documents and pointing out the blatant truth.  I’ve read posts saying that Pastor Joel needs to return to school when he has a Bachelors degree, and two Masters degrees.  If anyone needs to return to school, its the six employees one of which does not have a high school diploma.  But lets be real, when Bill Gates died did he leave his entire business to his secretary? Absolutely not.  The will being distributed is a “new will” it is tainted and has been manipulated, and surfaced after she died.   It’s disgraceful.  I beg of the media and anyone else to please read the court documents, and the documents they had Apostle sign in her last days.  It is a disgrace to take someones mother from them, and I stand behind Pastor Joel as he has handled this with the utmost grace and poise.  I support Pastor Joel and I beg that more venues like Church Lady blogs go through these documents and see for yourself! Also, I smell something foul, and its drifting from the executor of her estate.  PLEASE research this, because there is MUCH more to this story than is being shown.  Matter of fact, just google the mans name.”

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Readers of this post are encouraged to read the comments as you will find additional detailed information from the members perspective.  If you are a blogger or reporter looking for additional information,  PLEASE refer to the comments of both this post and the lockout post, there you will gain valuable information to assist in your articles.

I pray that the members of Jericho City of Praise will be strong enough to listen to the voice of God and not of Men. I pray that they will fast and seek God’s presence in every decision made and finally I pray for God to cover them as only HE Can!