Jericho City of Praise: Why Pastor Joel Peebles is Not back there


Jericho City of Praise Update: 

Many people are wondering why Pastor Joel Peebles is not back at Jericho City of Praise if he won his court case back in October. Well, People of Praise has been keeping The Church Lady informed of all the updates and  forwarded their response to that question below:

Guest Post from the People of Praise of Maryland

There are many reasons why Pastor Joel does not want to take the membership back to our Jericho property.

* The Appeals court decision gives us the right to go back and use the building just like before any time we desire.

* Pastor Joel and other leaders have been back to the property on numerous occasions however the janitor and others have tried repeatedly to have them arrested and/or removed from the premises, but found out that they have no authority to do so.

* So they now try to provoke the leaders or members into mini confrontations and then run to Judge Dwight Jackson and cry wolf.

* The six rogue ungodly, unholy, self-appointed employees and their supporters will stop at nothing to instigate a confrontation so that they can lie about it. We have seen this numerous times.

* The janitor uses off duty policemen as his private security detail, and uses them to intimidate anyone that rubs him the wrong way.

the Document below is the signed affidavit by Geneva Boswell, fresh out of a bible study:
pdf-affidavit-of-boswell-10-15-12 (1)

The Document below contains highlights taken from the TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) request filed on behalf of the six bible toting liars.

Part 1 Highlight of Jericho City Of Praise Board TRO

Part 2 of TRO

Note: The motivation behind this TRO stems from the recent freezing of their bank account.      Ouch!!

So they got mad and began to file false charges against our leaders.

They filed trying to keep members from coming back to the property. In it they noted on many occasions when the leaders came back to the property after the appeals court decision. Since they could not stop them, they fabricated more lies to make the judge think that they were the aggressors. We have undeniable proof to refute any of their claims.

More video evidence soon to come.