Jericho City of Praise New Unofficial Lead Pastor: Bishop Rodney S. Walker?

A member of Jericho City of Praise was gracious enough to respond to my recent Jericho City of Praise  post regarding excommunicated members filing a lawsuit and the status of the once mega church since the Board ousted its pastor,  Joel Peeples.

The very transparent statement alleges that the alleged master mind behind the takeover, Rev. Mike Freeman’s mentee, Rodney S. Walker is the unofficial leader of Jericho City of Praise now and provides us with some interesting things about the now alleged empty church new lead pastor.

By Lou|Churchladyblogs follower

Church lady this commercial put out by Jericho has a clip from the 2009 youth conference where Rodney Walker was a guest speaker.

The Choir and praise team are no longer there. They left with more than 95% of the congregation, Pastor Joel Peebles and the “real” board of trustees. The unelected board and this new preacher want to make it look like there are still a lot of people there.

CL you wanted to know who was chosen to replace Pastor Joel Peebles. What man of God would put himself in the middle of this conflict? I would say one who has the same character as his mentor Michael Freeman. His name is Bishop Rodney Walker.

He told his congregation Heritage Church International that he is “on assignment from God to undergird this hurting ministry.”
Advertisement for his poorly attended Inner Circle Summit conference hosted this year at Jericho stated “let’s gather around a hurting Church and bring healing with the same compassion the Jesus used with us.”

This board is the one who inflicted the hurt. They fired our Pastor, kicked out the members and hostilely took the building and assets that we paid for with years of tithes and offerings. They then moved this Michael Freeman mentee and his church in.

Heritage Church International looks like a small converted convenience store. There are lots of pictures on Facebook. It’s a small congregation. Rodney Walker’s bio states that he studied at Jericho Christian College for three years under Apostle Betty and Bishop Peebles like 90% of the congregation, It use to state that he got a doctorate of divinity from Spirit of Truth Institute but that was removed after several people posted that Spirit of Truth sells honorary doctorate degrees online for $200.

His bio also states that “Bishop Walker is spiritually covered by and accountable to Bishop /Apostle Ralph L. Dennis of Kingdom Worship Center in Baltimore Maryland.” And that he is a member of Kingdom Fellowship Covenant Ministries. This is no longer the case. Hmm what’s up with that? Who is covering him? Why is he no longer a member of KFCM? His reputation in the area has been summed up by two comments posted on line:

Bishop JW posted this comment on line
Apr 23, 2012 – 08:23:58 PM
Jericho is no longer the Jericho that was built on honor and dignity with one of the finest families in the city. Now, Jericho has hired a known adulterer and mass fornicator. He was married to Elder Dawn Downing, left her for a younger woman in front of the church after a known affair. Wow, what has Jericho come to?”

Minister F. posted on line regarding Bishop R. Walker
Apr 23, 2012 – 08:28:03 PM

“I’m sick of this stuff, I’m turning in my church affiliation. I’d rather be without a church, then be without Christ. God does not Bless MESS! Is this new preacher Blameless and the husband of one wife? NO!
Bishop Rodney Walker states that he is a prophet. He has run ATOG school of Prophets and several small conferences for prophets throughout the year. He has not officially been named the Pastor but he preaches there every Sunday, has an office there, met with the school staff and parents and told his congregation that they are to support and help Jericho heals.

He is in videos, advertisements and commercials run on the radio. Jericho’s mission statement found on facebook has changed to“No Nonsense, no Excuse, Spirit Filled, Christ-Centered Church, Preaching and teaching prophetically to our City, Nation, and World. Performing for an Audience of One!”

"Bishop Rodney S. Walker

The focus of the college has also changed. The advertisement for the summer session states “ATOG School of the Prophets This year at Jericho City of Praise School of the Prophets…where people gather for a prophetic encounter” Is this carrying forth the vision of Apostle and Bishop Peebles? I don’t think so.”

Regarding the court case. We WILL get our building and assets back! IT AIN’T OVER UNTIL God says it’s over! The appeal filed by Pastor Joel and Elder Meadows has already started and it has been expedited. The unelected board has been served and we are waiting for a court date for the congregation’s 2 cases against them.

UPDATE: 8/4/2012

The Court of Appeals will hear Joel Peebles case on September 11, 2012.

Update: 9/21/2012
Joel Peebles wins MD Court of Appeals Case, Jericho City of Praise Must allow him Back