Jericho City of Praise: Judge grants 2 weeks Case Delay

Joel Peebles and members of Jericho City of Praise


Jericho City of Praise members,(City of Praise) forwarded The Church Lady an update on on the results of their February 8, 2013 court hearing against current leaders of the mega church:

“Hello Church Lady,

Today we went to court for the members case which was an Ex-Parte hearing. The six self-appointed rogues defaulted on the congregations case against them and we went to court today to ask for the relief that we wanted. Well this Judge granted them a last minute motion that delayed our hearing for at least two more weeks.
See the interview with Pastor Joel below. There were more than 250 of our members that showed up to the courtroom and only 5 representing the UnGodly Self-Appointed six employees.”

God bless You,
People of Praise MD

Pastor Joel conducted an interview immediately following the judge ruling advising that the congregation is growing by leaps and bounds and that although they were granted to go back into Jericho City of Praise, he wants to resolve the outstanding issues prior  resolving issues.

He said the congregation has tripled and 57 people gave their life to Christ on this past Sunday saying that the ministry will be expanding because they have outgrown their current location (praise God!)  but they are confidently that shortly, they will be re entering the doors of Jericho City of Praise.

Click here to view Joel Peebles interview following the court hearing on Friday, February 8, 2013.