The Walls of Jericho City of Praise DC Superior Court Ruling

jericho city of praise dc court ruling

Jericho City of Praise case is resolved, the court order on 7/7 gave ownership and control of Jericho City of Praise  back to the original board of directors of which Bishop Joel Peebles is the head.  The employee board asked the judge for a stay which was denied. (see below)  My Moma always said be careful what you do to people on you way up cause you never know who you might meet and need on your way down! Rumors are flying but Bishop Peebles is adament that things will be done in decency and order!

 Click link below to read the entire DC Superior Court Ruling  concerning  the termination of trustees Robert George, Anaya Jamison,  Bishop Joel Peebles, William Meadows and Paulette Shelton from the Board of Trustees of Jericho City of Praise Maryland. My take on on this continuing saga follows the excerpt.

DC Superior Court Ruling

Jericho City of Praise Response

Link for motion of Stay denied

And if you don’t want to read through several pages, below  is an excerpt:

“Judgment is GRANTED in favor of the plaintiffs, to wit:

the Court hereby DECLARES that Resolution 1-09 of the Jericho DC Board of Trustees,

which purported to change the membership of the Board of Trustees, is invalid; and

the Court hereby DECLARES that the current Board of Trustees for Jericho DC shall

consist of the surviving members of the Board of Trustees that existed prior to the invalidated

Resolution 1-09, those members being: William A. Meadows; Dorothy L. Williams, and Joel R.

Peebles; and

the Court hereby DECLARES that actions taken by defendants after March 15, 2009,

acting as the purported Board of Trustees of Jericho DC, under the color of resolution 1-09,

including the purported approval of the merger of Jericho DC into Jericho MD, are invalid; and

the Court hereby ORDERS that defendants refrain from exercising ownership or control

over any corporate assets of Jericho Maryland formerly belonging to, or derived from, the

and the Court herby ORDERS that plaintiffs are reinstated as members of the church,

pending a review of their membership status by the validly constituted Board of Trustees of

Jericho DC, as declared above.”

I have been writing about this story for more than 3 years, starting with my unbelievable witness of church leaders literally having Bishop Joel Peebles removed from the Jericho City of Praise  church campus with police escorts.

Shortly thereafter, I was asked by members of Jericho to help them get their story out so that their beloved Jericho City of Praise was literally taken hostage by church employees. After reading the facts, they presented, we went to work and not only was their story heard in Maryland and surrounding areas, it became national news with the help of Roland Martin who included their story in  his exclusive documentary, Drama in the Black Church. 

Since that time I have witnessed the “God” in Bishop Joel R. Peebles and Pastor YLawnda,  through it all, they have acted and reacted in a spirit of love.  Yet what amazed me most was to witness  how Jericho, the Church, left the building.

Jericho City of Praise once such a large and once full to capacity church was witnessing to less than 100 people.  During the same time, Bishop Joel and Pastor YLawnda could not find a building large enough to accommodate the Saints who were following them, not knowing where from one week to the next  if they were going to be able to conveniently worship .  As soon as they would secure one hotel room it was too small.

I watched this couple lead a flock that had no place to lay their Bibles, yet they kept believing, praying and trusting God, creating makeshift sanctuaries out of hotels, auditoriums, schools and yes even arenas.

At the same time, they were enduring such rejection from brothers and sisters they once broke bread with.  It was one court battle after another, for every win there were two losses, for every victory there was an appeal.  Yet they kept believing and moving.

I wrote an article about a year ago about how Bishop Joel Peebles and Pastor YwLanda were doing now and as I reflected back on that article while creating this post, I realized  that though this ruling is another victory in the court of law, this couple and this church had already won the victory.

You see the church left the building but the church did not leave God and God will in God’s time ensured that Pastor Joel Peebles and Pastor Ylawnda, the members of City of Praise would be rewarded with all the material things they lost because of their faithfulness.

While many of us were wondering if  City of Praise  would  get their building back, I think we should have been  reflective of how they were able to build a mega church without the walls of Jericho during their time in the dessert!

A lot has changed in three years,  just as Bishop Joel has been able to maintain and build City of Praise to the size of a mega church, Pastor Jasmine Sculark is now the Senior Pastor of  Jericho City of Praise and has made great strides in healing the parishioners who stayed, as well as welcoming new believers to that campus.  Many are sitting on the sidelines now waiting for the drama to unfold.  As both pastors prepare for the next moves of their congregations, the street committee is buzzing, will Pastor Jazz leave as the court has ordered or will the fight for the “Walls of Jericho” continue ?

The mere fact that a motion of stay was filed, sheds a little light on the fact that maybe they were not ready when they first heard the ruling to let go and let God. However, I do believe that Pastor Jazz will seek wise counsel and come to terms now that the court has spoken and I am trusting in God that she will lead her flock through this transition without causing another public scandal surrounding Jericho City of Praise. She does not appear to be that kind of leader as I have never seen nor heard  her speak ill of Pastor Joel Peebles nor he of her.  (Got to always keep it real on both sides yall)

Both of these pastors are called by God and follow the word of God,  so there is no doubt in my mind,  now that the Board  who (allegedly) had more control over the operations of Jericho City of Praise than  both pastors put together, is out-of-the-way, these two spirit driven leaders will come together to make sure both “CHURCH” s  are made whole. (spirtually)

After all, both pastors have proven, that it’s not about the buildings it’s all about the spirit, Pastor Joel not having a building and Pastor Scurlark coming to an empty building and both have succeeded at loving the people no matter what and saving new souls for Christ in spite of all Hell breaking loose around them.

My take on these rulings is that God has spoken and now its time for us to get out-of-the-way and let God and these two gifted leaders, do what they are called to do to make Jericho (City) of Praise  whole again.

I dont’ know about you, but I am believing in them and in God that they will do the right thing for the people of God, and if they don’t,  Not to worry, The Church Lady will do what she does and make sure the World continues to know about it!